Hi, I am Siman.

It’s a Chinese name, in which “Si” means thinking (思), “Man” means “graceful”(曼), so I guess that makes me a graceful thinker. I do think a lot, since my biggest joy in life is to create, I always find myself either creating or thinking how to create.

As an artist & creative technologist, I had the pleasure to work for companies like IDEO, Tik Tok, and IBM, but I also truly enjoy myself when creating art works as a new media artist.

When I am not nerdy about code and design, I am a huge film junkie, a book worm and a happy yogini. My recent favs are Stalker by Tarkovsky, Kaili Blues by Bi Gan, and the book Solaris. I am also saving up 💰 for my pomapoo puppy Maodo.

Don’t be shy, let’s say hi. 💖
Adjunct Professor 03.2020 — The University of Arts
Design Residence 07.2019 — 09.2019 | Wix
Interaction Designer 07.2018— 01.2019 | IDEO NYC
UX Intern, 04. 2016 — 07. 2016 | IBM
UX & Network Operation Intern, 02. 2016 — 04. 2016 | Musical.ly
NV, Other Half of the Sky, B4BEL4B, Oakland CA, 2020
bitLoom, Santa Fe, Beyond Punch Card, 2019
Fortune on Hand, Shanghai, Processing Foundation Day, 2019
Fortune on Hand - “套路” CSPACE 造物空间, Beijing, 2018
Drifter - Made in NY Media Center, 2018
Windloom - Whitebox Gallery, New York, 2018
The Crossings 渡 - ITP Spring Show, New York, 2018
Fortune on Hand - Nanjing Jiangsu TV, 2017
Windloom - New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Littlefield, New York, 2017
Drifter - Big Screens Show, IAC, New York ,2017
Windloom - ITP Winter Show, New York, 2017
Fortune on Hand - Maker Faire, New York,2017
Sea & Mulberry Field - ITP Spring Show, New York, 2017
Fortune on Hand - ITP Winter Show, New York, 2016
Photography works- Columbia University, Visual Arts Undergraduate Exhibition, New York, 2015
Art Show “女 Nǚ: Other Half of the Sky” Exposes the Human Dimension of Bay Area Tech Culture 2020 radiichina
织风Windloom 无线电杂志 2019
艺术妹子用织布机“织”出乡愁与思念般的音乐! 2019 DFrobot
吴声李诞带着13位艺术家做了个嘲讽商业的展  Xuehua.us
李诞的“套路” Sohu.com  Culture
用音乐“织”出乡愁与思念, 2018 Hebei Education
Jiangsu Television TV Show, 2018 Nanjing
This Machine Will Tell Your Fortune by Coding, 2018 SinoVision
李思曼的新一代“电脑算命机” , 2017 Creator Project  VICE
手相之诗 | 如何让算法先生“科学地看手相”?, 2017  DFrobot
M.P.S | Interactive Telecommunication Program, New York University, 2018;
Bachelor of Engineering| Industrial Design, DongHua University, Shanghai, 2016;
Full-time Visiting Student | Columbia University, 2015
Editor’s Choice Award, DFrobot, 2019
Maker Faire Editor's Choice, New York, 2017
Graduate Student Annual Scholarship, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU 2016-2018
Red Burns Scholarship, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU 2016-2018
National Undergraduate Training for EntrepreneurshipShanghai Key Project Award 2014
—— 40° N, 74° E