The Crossings 渡


The Crossings 渡 is a 3D mapping projection project on a concrete landscape sculpture that merged my whole body, with projection of seasons changing animation that represents the changes happen in life.

Inspired by the ancient Chinese landscape painting style, this work is a visual, aural and olfactory interpretation of the Buddhist concept of pains and relief in the journey of life. Using the technique of 3D scanning, my own body was captured, broke down and deformed into the shape of landscape. The 3D model was used to generate physical simulation animation to represent four seasons, using different color, form and dynamic to stimulates the audience’s imagination that is abstract, ancient, futuristic and poetic.

This work is a continuation of my own exploration into the examination of traditional Chinese aesthetic and philosophy, by extracting, exploring and extending the core elements within a contemporary discourse without being bound by the formal restraints of tradition.