Sea & Mulberry Field


Sea & Mulberry Field is a light installation that shows the cycle of changes in nature. Inspired by the Chinese idiom 'sea and mulberry field', which literally means seas change into the mulberry field and mulberry field change into seas, the phrase is used by Chinese speaker to describe the inexorable change in the world events, and how human being's life is relatively short compared to the great changes in nature.

老子云“天地不仁,以万物为刍狗”。 这个灯光装置展示的是从沧海到桑田不停轮回的过程。

材料: 丝绸,木,纸,伺服, Arduino

Using three layers of paper and servos, the rotation controls the graphic pattern.

In Dao De Jing, a Chinese classic Daoism text that was written 2500 years ago, Laozi wrote that:

" 天地不仁,以万物为刍狗 "

“Heaven and earth are indifferent, all creatures are considered straw dogs“

How many things happened during 2500 years? But as we looked at the sun above us, the sun that we saw today may not be so different from the sun that Lao Zi saw 2500 years ago.

Materials: paper, plywood, silk, servo, Arduino Mega