Fortune on Hand

‍‍Individual Project

Using a webcam, Arduino, Javascript, Fortune on Hand is an installation that generates a poem about one's fortune' base on their own unique palm lines. The machine has a transparent acrylic platform that allows the users to put their right hands on it, when the button is pressed, a picture of the palm will be taken by the hidden webcam under the platform. After the analysis by Javascript, a generated poetry will be printed out that tells the 'fortune'.

Inspired by the great Chinese literature The Dream in Red Chamber written in Qing Dynasty, in which the main character Baoyu had a dream about a book in sky palace called “Great Void” that has everyone’s fate was written in poetry. I wonder if the development of technology makes people less superstitious, or the technology itself has become a form of superstition?

Tools: Javascript, Mad Mapper, Arduino, OpenCV

使用javascript, Edge Detection openCV图片分析算法,Arduino单片机,和一本《手相百六种》,使用现代科技重现一项常常被定义为“迷信”与“落后的”事儿--看手相。当参与者将手掌至于机器上,按动按钮,隐藏的小型摄像头配合javascript像素算法便会根据掌纹写就的中文诗,来告诉参与者当下的“运势”。

通过Edge Detection将摄像头拍摄的手上基本的纹路显现出来;再把整个手从上至下分为三个部分,每一部分对应一句诗,每个部分的纹路像素越多,所选出的那一句诗就越好;最后一句诗来自于前三句的综合总结。诗歌的库来自网络上开源的签诗,诗句的库的分类通过签的吉凶分类来定。而用中文诗歌配合英文解释来表达“算命”结果这一形式,来自于幼时读过的《红楼梦》贾宝玉梦游太虚幻境的章节。此作品初衷是在于创造一个有趣而发人深思的体验,并非真正的“预测运势”。值得思考的是,科技的进步是否真正削弱了人类传统文化中的迷信与敬畏, 而这种迷信是否还会以新的形式存在?

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